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What is fluoride?

Fluoride is a mineral that is extremely effective in strengthening your teeth and therefore, can help to protect your teeth against decay.

Where can fluoride be found?

Fluoride can be found all around us in small amounts. Most people get their source of fluoride from drinking water or toothpaste. Information on the packaging should tell you whether the toothpaste has a low fluoride level (around 500 parts per million) or a higher dose (1000 or 1500 parts per million).

It is important that children under the age of seven, use low-dose toothpaste and that they only use a small amount. This is because fluoride can produce marks on children's permanent teeth, which are beginning to develop at this age.

For patients who suffer with bad decay or must avoid dental problems due to an illness, it is recommended that they take extra fluoride. This may be in the form of tablets, drops or a varnish that is painted onto the teeth.

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Why use fluoride?

* It helps to keep teeth strong

* It helps to heal the early stages of decay It will help to reduce dental treatment